Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not-quite-belated Happy Easter!

For those of you out there who have been gorging on family dinners (of ham, or turkey, or maybe even lamb!), or for those of you who have just been embracing the lovely weather we lucked out with this long weekend, here are some little blurbs of happiness that I'm sending to you!

1. What I have chosen to believe are a pair of mourning doves have taken up residence in my backyard. Here is a photo that I snuck of one on the deck. It is ruffling its feathers in this picture, so it's hard to see its slender, elegant neck. Naysayers might think I just snapped a photo of a pigeon, but in real life the birds are much more delicate looking, and more muted in colour, than your average city pigeon. Also, there are only two of them... which to me says that these are mourning doves (aka turtledoves).

2. I had a lovely weekend in relation to food. The regular Easter fare was enjoyed at a family dinner, as well as the first ice cream of the season (shared with my sisters and my fella). PLUS there was lots of delicious Easter chocolate, and la pièce de résistance: a wonderful celebratory dinner at Sidecar, where the cocktails were excellent, the food was solid and the service was both amusing and impressive.

3. I am currently sitting at my computer, happily avoiding studying, enjoying the end of a Hot Cross Bun that I made today and drinking some milk thistle tea (in a vague attempt to help my liver deal with this weekend's indulgences -- see number 2.)

4. And finally, some Christmas cakes cleverly disguised for spring (which I made in my baking class at school). Enjoy!


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Sheryl said...

You absolutely have mourning doves and if there's two of them together they might be scouting places to build a nest.

The Dishwasher said...

Excellent! That makes me very happy to hear! I'd love to have some baby doves teetering around! :) Thanks for the head's up Sheryl!